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Your Unique Brilliance

Offering a mindfulness based, trauma informed approach to inner healing that allows you to embrace your authentic truth, embody your unique brilliance and wholeheartedly engage in your precious life

Welcome ...

My guess is that you are here because... feel stifled or stuck in your life and that your soul is yearning for something different or more, but you don’t know what it is or how to get there…


... or perhaps you are sick of feeling bitter, resentful or abandoned in painful relationships and relationship patterns


...or maybe you have gone through a traumatic experience, or a series of traumatic experiences, and are having difficulty being present and moving forward…


Hello, I'm Jennifer. Welcome to my site! I'm a therapist and embodiment practitioner who offers a unique and holistic approach for inner healing.


Blending therapeutic techniques such as hypnotherapy, Cellular Release Therapy, and Somatic Experiencing, I can help you access the wisdom and innate healing capacity of your body and subconscious mind to help you feel more comfortable in your skin, trusting and satisfied in your relationships and purposefully engaged in your life.

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Imagine how life could be different

if the events and circumstances of the past no longer defined you...

if you trusted your intuition and followed the longings of your heart...

if you enjoyed greater peace and ease within yourself and your relationships...

You don't have to continue living life in struggle, pain and disappointment. I trust that within, you hold the keys to live the life and love you desire. You can embrace your truth, embody your unique brilliance and wholeheartedly engage in your precious life, the life you were born to live.


If this sounds like what you're looking for, there are a few ways that we can work together.

at home

First of all, I invite you to sign up for At Home Within Yourself, a free 3 week embodiment meditation series. When you sign up, you'll receive three guided embodiment meditation practices that you can use immediately to feel more connected and comfortable within yourself.

You'll also receive access to my newsletter with upcoming events and offers.

Secondly, if you'd like to speak with me directly about how these services can be of benefit to you, I invite you to sign up for a complimentary 20-30 minute consultation.

If you are in the Lawrence, KS area, we can meet in my office. If you are outside of the area, we can meet via video conferencing.

Develop an interest in life as you see it; the people, things, literature, music - the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself. (1)
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And lastly, (but not least), throughout the year I offer opportunities to attend personal growth live group events.  If you'd like to attend one of these, there is more information on the Events page.

 While I know that initially it can be frightening or difficult to begin to know yourself more intimately, and move deeper into your body and truth, I also know that when you commit to your healing journey, there are incredible gems that you will find along the way home to yourself. The benefits you reap from your investment in yourself will last a lifetime.

I look forward to supporting you.


“There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~Anais Nin

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