Hello, Precious Sister,

Here, in this moment

You are invited

Into the soft spaces of your own heart

To claim the innocence and intelligence of your body and Soul

And to come alive to the precious gift that

You are

Right here, right now.


Upcoming Temple Dates

~May 13, 2018

Honoring the Divine Mother Within


Have you been yearning for a deeper connection with yourself and your body?

Are you looking for a circle of women who will you celebrate the gift that you are in ALL of your glory?

Are you looking for something new and deeply meaningful in your life?


Welcome to the temple of Divine Feminine Flow. Your seat is waiting for you here. Lie down on some soft pillows with a bowl of small fruit pieces, and make sure you are comfortable. Allow a few soft sighs and let one hand rest on your belly. Relax into whatever is here for you in this moment. Imagine a warm, red field of energy surrounding your body, as if you were wrapped in a silk sarong. Let your hand float up from your belly and gently make its way up your chest, face and hair.  Make a few soft sounds. Relax deeply and have a juicy piece of fruit.


Now imagine a woman’s gathering that is a mix of an Indian Temple ceremony with ecstatically dancing women fully surrendered in devotion, a Bedouin oasis in the desert with fresh figs, cooing doves and huge marble tubs where women bathe and scrub each other clean, a contemporary meditation/inquiry group with practices guiding into the vastness of our true nature and an African grieving ritual where the painful parts of our lives are honored, danced, and celebrated.  Now you are starting to get a taste of the kind of women’s work we rest into in Temple – an excerpt taken from Awakening Women’s Temple Guidelines and Practices Manual.


In order to live and embody feminine brilliance, for real, Lawrence Women's Temple is creating a conscious women’s culture which can awaken and nourish us in the deepest sense. The Women’s Temple group is a way for us to remind each other of who we are, in an on going way.


Instead of enforcing the status quo by focusing on our problems and personal shortcomings, the Women’s Temple group practices connect us with truth beyond our fears and limited self images. From this deeper place, we can navigate from Presence and inner guidance instead of exhausting ourselves in trying to be leaders from a tense, competitive and ego-centered state of mind.


The Women’s temple is not a therapy or a support group. It is a space where we come to mirror, celebrate and empower each other. A space where we can drop our masks, and let the beauty of our authentic face be seen in all its glory and pain, passion and vulnerability. In our Women’s temple, we meet beyond the personal, and in this expanded meeting the collective feminine as well as the personal feminine is healed and celebrated.


All our practice is based upon being present in the body, so we spend a lot of time dancing and moving. We also support each other in softening our bodies by touching each other in respectful and nourishing ways. This part of the practice is most women’s favorite part.



A bit more about Lawrence Women’s Temple

Our practices, and much of the text on this page, are used with kind permission by Chameli Ardagh from materials offered by Awakening Women.

We consider ourselves to be Yoginis –

“A Yogini is a woman dedicated to truth and awakening. She roots herself in compassion, fiercely loyal to the love which is the source of us all. She practices for her own embodiment of Spirit as well as for the liberation of all sentient beings.”


Lawrence Women’s Temple began meeting in the fall of 2013; hosted at my house, by me, Jennifer Welch. Being new to the Lawrence area, I felt a deep longing and need to connect with other like-minded women here. I had lived in Denver for many years prior to moving to Lawrence; while in Denver I had a rich circle of friends that was created by being in spiritual community and women’s groups.  So, I decided to search for a way to create a Conscious Women’s group here in Lawrence. In my online search for new structures for women’s groups, I found Chameli Ardagh’s work with Awakening Women and immediately knew that this was what my heart had been longing for.


Within a few months, the Lawrence Women’s Temple group had grown quite large and I felt unprepared (at the time) for the expansion and growth, so I ceased holding Temple meetings until I had formally taken Chameli’s Feminine Leadership training. In December 2014, I completed the Feminine Leadership training with Chameli in Nevada City, and upon returning home, began regularly holding Temple.


While in some ways Temple Practices are simple, we do go deep into the heart of Presence. The spiritual background of each of the women of Lawrence Women’s Temple spans a variety of traditions and teachings. We honor them all. And, in Women’s Temple, we offer devotion to and particularly practice in the energy of the  Divine Goddess, in all of her archetypal forms (Gaia, Mother Mary, Gayatri, Kali, Lakshmi, Rhea, Cybele, Terre Mater, Pachamama, etc....) for deeper connection, wisdom, guidance, and expression.


You need not subscribe to any particular dogma or group to join us; we welcome all women, of any and all faiths and spiritual orientations.


If these practices speak to you, we would love to have you join us in circle.

I bow to you, to your heart, your life, and the longing inside that has moved you to be right here, right now.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Jennifer Welch at 785-760-7259.


You can also find us on Facebook here.


*** Please note that we will take a Temple break through the summer of 2018.  l look forward to serving you in September. ~Jennifer


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