Blissborn Childbirth Education

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Are you looking for a way to prepare for birth of your baby that allows you to be connected to the process, and also more comfortable? 

Blissborn is a hypnosis-based childbirth education class that emphasizes the power of your own mind to create a blissful birth for you and your baby.

Here's the secret - you all ready have everything you need within you to create a blissful birth experience, and once you learn how to use self-hypnosis, you’ll unlock that power for yourself.

Blissborn is a 5-class series (each class lasts 2 hours) that combines the best of science, medical knowledge, mind-body therapy and childbirth education in a fun and inspiring class that is designed for mama and birth partner.

In this 5-Class series you will learn:

  • Simple but powerful techniques to control pain, relax the cervix, stay in control, release fears, and gain confidence
  • Learn how to go into hypnosis instantly with each contraction, in any situation – even opening your eyes and walking around
  • Use the highly receptive state of hypnosis to quickly and easily absorb all you need to know about giving birth
  • Each two hour class features activities, hypnosis, discussion, special training for birth partners.  You will also receive a practice CD  for each class and a  comprehensive manual.  (Homework and practice take 30-40 minutes a day.  Practicing is essential for success.)
  • Each class builds on the last.  Even if your due date limits the number of classes you can attend, you’ll benefit from taking what you can
  • The techniques you will learn in Blissborn will more than triple your chance of having a natural birth.

Class 1:  Discovering Self Hypnosis

Experience the power of visualization and learn the secret to profound relaxation that allows you to more comfortably move through each stage of labor, and how to re-activate this relaxation with a simple word prompt.

Class 2: Practical Skills for Mom and Partner

Moms need lots of support in labor!  Partners become hypnosis coaches and learn about what REALLY helps moms.  Practice staying in hypnosis while walking and opening your eyes.  Learn about birth anatomy, terminology and phases of labor.

Class 3:  Childbirth Without Fear

Fear is a message from the deeper mind.  Learn to identify the fears that could derail an otherwise perfect birth, and transform them into calm and confidence.

Class 4:  Tame Labor Pain With Your Brain

Learn the secrets of the mind that have allowed people for thousands of years to reduce sensation in their bodies and suffering in their minds.  Practice different ways to control sensations in hypnosis.

Class 5:  Putting it All Together

Put together all the skills and info from the first four classes so you’ll feel confident and excited about your birth.  Birth plans, labor positions and pushing phase suggestions.  Partners practice their “duties” and special hypnosis techniques.  Look beyond birth to your plans for baby and parenting.  Learn how to use hypnosis to speed healing, jump-start breast-feeding and get by on less sleep.  In hypnosis, create the blueprint for labor and the birth you desire.


Course materials (included in your course fee) include a beautiful Blissborn Childbirth Education manual that is full of important, educational, and helpful information that will assist you in mindfully preparing for birth, and a 5-CD hypnosis recording set with hypnosis recordings that accompany each class.

This class is for pregnant mamas in their third trimester and her birth partner. It is recommended that you begin your Blissborn class on or after the 27th week of pregnancy.  Bring your partner, a pillow, and water to each class. Your doula, mid-wife, or OB can sit in for free.

The cost for Blissborn is $450, which includes all materials.


A note from me (Jennifer) about Blissborn - I completed my hypnotherapy training in 2006 and at that time I studied a few different methods that incorporate hypnosis for childbirth education. It wasn't until I met Laura Wood and Shelly Black, founders of Blissborn, (in 2009 at the American Hypnotherapy Academy), that I felt I had a truly comprehensive approach to helping mamas and their partners prepare for birth. Blissborn is incredibly thorough, and at the same time uses incredibly elegant and powerful hypnosis tools that enable mamas and partners to feel truly prepared for birth.

I began teaching Blissborn in Denver, CO and am excited to now bring it to Lawrence. I will be starting a Blissborn class in the fall of 2017. Please contact me if this is something you are interested in attending.

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