Calming Connections

A FREE online group to help you foster

self soothing tools for challenging times

You are invited to join me for this online group

When: Weekly on Wednesdays at 10am CST

Where: Private Facebook Group, Calming Connections here.

One of the most direct ways to reassure and calm our nerves is through connection. But how can we experience connection when we've been asked to keep our distance from our friends and loved one? I am offering this online group to share with you specific tools that you can practice to create connection with yourself, your environment and others, even in times of physical distancing.


Some of the topics that we'll cover in our live group will be

  • Soothing self talk
  • Discovering your preferred self care resources
  • Grounding for embodied presence
  • Honoring all of your feelings
  • Soothing your nervous system with visualization
  • Creating healthy boundaries for more intimate connection
  • Deeply listening to your inner wisdom
  • Receiving soul guidance
  • The importance of beauty and pleasure
  • Connecting with Mother Earth to support planetary healing
  • and many others...


In order to make it through this ordeal in tact, we need each other. It is my greatest hope that this group will assist you in creating the calming connections you need to sustain and uplift you through this time.

I trust that there is a wellspring of intelligence and resilience within your body and soul. And I know that you are deeply loved and held in love. It is my deepest desire that you experience this for yourself.