Let us meet this hard time

together - with open hands and a

tender heart

Offering virtual individual sessions and groups to foster self-soothing and calming connection for these challenging times

Welcome, Precious One ~

Welcome to my site. It takes a lot of courage to seek out support, and I applaud you for being here, in support of you.

Maybe the uncertainties of this time have knocked you off-balance. Or perhaps you are struggling with isolation, loneliness and fear. Maybe you are angry or heavy with sorrow. Or maybe you are completely overwhelmed and numb.

What I want to share with you is that it's OK. It's OK for you to be emotional. These are all natural responses to the intensity each of us is facing. It's natural and OK to feel whatever you are feeling. There is nothing wrong with you, or bad about you, for having these feelings and responding this way.

What is important is that each us has the emotional support we need. I am here to offer skills for managing stress, reducing isolation and to help you soothe your body and mind. To do this, I have re-worked my services to support what you need, all from the comfort of your own home.

For those who are longing for connection, grounding and support. We will meet on Wednesday at 10am CST. These virtual gatherings will take place in a private Facebook group you can access the page here.

For those longing for a personalized, nervous system soothing, coaching hypnotherapy session. The hypnosis portion of your session will be recorded for your personal use.

For those longing to connect with the body's wisdom to move energy and emotion.This trauma healing session may utilize the mind-body trauma healing tools of Cellular Release Therapy or Somatic Experiencing.

Meet Jennifer

Hello, dear one, I'm Jennifer Welch, and I am so glad that you are here. These are challenging times that we're in, and we all need support. I am here to offer you connection and support- connection with yourself, your resources and your inner wisdom.


As a healing arts practitioner and yogini, I am dedicated to embodied awakening, truth and love. I have worked in the healing arts field for the last twenty years and feel that I have been preparing, both personally and professionally, just for this time.

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I have a diverse background in the healing arts (that includes training and experience in music therapy, hypnotherapy, gestalt therapy, Cellular Release Therapy and Somatic Experiencing) and am offering a combination of mind-body-spirit tools to support you through this challenging reality we are living in. If you feel called to participate with the work I offer, I'd be honored to meet you and be of service.


In need of 
Self-Soothing & Closer Connection?