Thank you!

Your registration for Metamorphosis is complete.

I am both honored and thrilled that you will be joining us for Metamorphosis. Doors will open at 6:30 Friday evening, July 7th. We will begin promptly at 7pm. Please wear comfortable clothing and feel free to bring your water bottle with you.

The Lavender House is located at 1600 New Hampshire St., Lawrence, KS 66044.

Because you have claimed your seat in this workshop - with this circle of women who will gather to honor and live into the changes moving within - the wheel of initiatory change has been set in motion. Prior to our time together you may notice your senses are heightened, your emotions may be more at the surface, or your dreams more vivid.

This can be a wonderful time to practice gentle, compassionate self care. Give yourself the gift of being a conscious witness to the impressions, images, and inner messages that are revealing themselves to you now. If awareness of  yourself in this way is something new for you, that is ok! In fact, it is wonderful! We will be sharing practices through the workshop that will assist you in connecting more deeply with your own inner experience, awareness, and knowing. You are exactly where you need to be right now and I trust that you are moving in the perfect timing for your soul.

Should you have any questions prior to the workshop, please feel free to contact me (Jennifer) at


I honor all that is moving within you and am looking forward to seeing you soon and sharing this work with you. ~ Jennifer