Soothe Your System

with a personalized hypnosis session

For you. For this moment.


Precious one~

Maybe you are scared, maybe the uncertainties of this time have knocked you off-balance. Or perhaps you are struggling with isolation, loneliness and fear. Maybe you are angry or heavy with sorrow. Or maybe you are completely overwhelmed and numb.

I know that in the last many days, I have felt all of this, and more.

It's OK to be emotional. It's OK to be numb. It's completely understandable if you want to run away, eat sugar or carbs, drink alcohol, scream or weep. These are all natural responses to the intensity we are facing. It's natural to feel this way. There is nothing wrong with you, or bad about you, for having these feelings and responding this way.

Your nervous system is like a finely-tuned motor. It has been precisely designed to keep you safe. The intensity of feelings that you are experiencing, or numbing out to, are because your body is longing to be reassured, and to feel safe.

Current neuroscience research has shown that visualization is an effective tool that you can use to soothe your nervous system. Hypnosis utilizes relaxation, visualization and positive affirmation allowing you to soothe your body and mind and reassure and support yourself.

I have been providing providing clinical hypnotherapy services since 2006. Right now I am offering special 60-minute, soul soothing hypnosis sessions at a discounted price. During your session we will spend the first half of the session talking about where you're at, what's going on for you, and what you'd like for yourself. During the second half of the session, I will lead you through a personalized guided hypnosis experience that will be recorded for you to use after our session.

My style is respectful, compassionate and calm. I honor your unique brilliance and I trust your body's wisdom. And while I can't magically remove the causes of the intensity you are facing, I can support you in being present in the moment so that you care for yourself with tenderness and face the moment with courage. And this will offer you a resilience you might not have known you have.